Facilities, EE

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has a large number of laboratories that support its educational and research activities. In addition to the specialized equipment that each lab contains, all the labs are equipped with basic utilities such as DC and AC electric sources, voltage regulators, signal (function) generators, oscilloscopes, and analog and digital multimeters for measuring the basic quantities (voltage, current, and resistance). Labs also have a number of integrated personal computer systems to operate educational software. Every student has a good chance to have a hands-on experience and practice experimental work as the number of students per experimental station ranges from two to four only. The current departmental labs are:

·         Electronics Lab

·         Power Electronics Lab

·         Basic Electrical Engineering Lab

·         Biomedical Engineering Lab

·         Electrical and Electronics Measurements Lab

·         Communications Lab

·         Microwaves Lab

·         Fiber Optics Lab

·         Digital Systems Lab

·         Computer Hardware Lab

·         Automatic Control Lab

·         Electrical Machines Lab

·         Power Systems Lab

·         Computers Lab

·         Computers Lab (2nd Floor)

·         Computers Lab (3rd Floor)

·         Graduation Projects Lab

·         Optronics Lab

·         Micro Electronics Lab

·         Microwave Millimeter and Sub Millimeter Circuits and Devices Lab

·         Autonomous Systems Lab


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